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Group Therapy/Support Groups

Sugar Land Counseling Center offers group therapy and is used as a place for people to come together to gain  support in a social environment, to share with others, get feedback from others, and offer feedback to others.  Group therapy is intended to be a safe place and has different benefits from individual therapy.  Groups meet once weekly, and it is important to be able to commit to the group sessions in order to preserve the integrity of the group.  Currently, there is an ongoing group for those in their 20s, and rising middle schoolers (going into grades 6-8 in Fall 2023).   Group therapy rates are only $30-$40 per session.  Continue to check our website periodically as we offer different groups at different times.  We also offer a support group, the grief recovery method, for those experiencing loss.  This is not therapy, but rather a support group. To learn more about the current groups, see the descriptions below.   For more information on our groups or to register for a group, please call Sugar Land Counseling Center at 832-876-3232.

 20s Group

This group is intended for those in their 20s who  are navigating life transitions such as new careers, independent living, gaining new friendships, and other new facets of life.  Other issues such as mood and relationships  are also addressed.     

Group meets online Tuesdays from 5-6 pm 

Group led by James Matson, LCSW 

 Middle School Group

This group is intended for those who will be going to grades 6-8 in Fall 2023.  It is a 6 week group and while the group topics will be based on issues the group members want to address,  topics may include:

self confidence

effective communication

healthy relationships

emotional regulation

positive coping skills

problem solving


Group meets in person Mondays from 6-7 pm 

Group led by  Nikki Holmes, M.Ed.  

Supervised by Dr. Sunetra Martinez, LPC-S 

 Grief Recovery Method

This is an 8-week support group (not group therapy) and is intended for those dealing with various types of losses including death, divorce, and other losses such as loss of career, faith, and health. The Grief Recovery Method  is being led by a Grief Recovery Specialist, and requires materials and weekly homework. Participants will be assigned a partner in the group and will share with their partner rather than the entire group.        

Group meets in person Tuesdays from 6-8 pm 

Group led by Nikki Holmes, M.Ed. 

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