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Dear Kiran,

This is way overdue, but thank you so much for all the help you provided while helping me prep for my board exams!   Without you, I don't know where I would be now.  Thank you for all the advice and friendship because words will never describe how grateful I am!

-Patient experiencing anxiety related to test prep and exam

Maggie Johnson is a very compassionate and active listener. She has such a heart and amazing skill set as a counselor. You will be in good hands with her.

- Google Review

Michelle is amazing!

-Google Review

Dear Dr. Mishra,

I one day accidentally ran across your website and took a risk to call you.   I am so grateful that I did.  When I came to you, I was miserable, lost, sad and what I thought was the end.   You picked me up, you gave me hope, you made me believe good days were ahead.   I am so grateful for having met you. I see you more than a doctor but a friend.  You've stood by me and wouldn't be here today without your guidance and support!   Thank you is not enough!

- Patient who was experiencing relationship issues  

I wanted to say , thank you. You helped me through one of the darkest moments in my life and You helped me stay on track.  It has been more than 3 years since I touched base with you, I wanted to let you know I am happy and still using the techniques you taught me to keep stress/anxiety and the usual life issues under control  :)

I thought of you and wanted to find a way to just say Thank You!

- Patient who was going through a divorce and lost her mother

Just finished my panel.  Went really well... Hopefully this sets me up for future opportunities.  Thanks for all your help.

-Patient who experienced panic attacks related to public speaking

Dr. Kiran Mishra one of The Best Psychologist in Houston, TX and surrounding area.

-Tammy Taylor, Director of Operations at Rudy T Multi-Disciplinary Pain Management Program

Maggie Johnson is a great counselor for teens. She patiently allows them to open up and then helps them to find practical solutions. She is a great listener who cares deeply for each individual.

-Google Review

Okay, that was like super crazy fun and such a rush!   Wow, thank you, still smiling... Still on cloud nine! Thank you for yesterday.

-Patient following exposure therapy

Thank you for the really is the first time I have to work in a relationship, was so used to getting my way.   Seeing you today, made me realize how much I have been through with you, and how I really have missed you.   Thanks for all that you do, and for helping me to grow into this person now who I sometimes am amazed of.   When I see how much I try to be the best now, to listen, to understand, to be patient, I wish I had always been like that.  Guess better late than never.

-Patient who experienced relationship issues

Dear Kiran,

As we reach the end of our road, we have so many thankful thoughts.   In the past four years, you are the first psychologist who has said Jason has no depression.   The comfort it brings me is beyond words.  For the rest of our lives, we can go forward with confidence.  Whether Jason has depression or not has been the biggest mystery in our family... Your diagnosis sets us free.  This I consider the greatest gift any married couple could ever get.  There is a sea of psychologists, then there is you who parts the sea.

-Parents of adolescent child with behavioral issues

Maggie Johnson works holistically to help clients with their personal goals. She is a caring and wonderful therapist!

-Google Review

Dear Kiran,

We love you so much...Thank you for helping us grow as fast as we can.

-Family seen for family therapy


Thank you for your guidance and support of Ryan and myself.  You have helped Ryan with his anxiety.   Thanks also for starting the mom's group.

-Mother of adolescent with anxiety

Dr. Mishra,

Amy and I have been on a long journey to get to this point.   It's been frustrating and difficult to see my daughter endure so much unhappiness.  The countless hours of me researching and reading as well as refusing to give up. Amy is strong and determined.   You are the first doctor she has responded and bonded with in all the years we've had to work through her illness.   I prayed earnestly that God would direct our path to not just a doctor, but someone who could really understand and listen to my child's pain. I found you on the internet among several other doctors and after careful prayer, God revealed to me that you were the chosen one.   And that you are!  Thank you for devoting time and effort beyond your call as a doctor.   I see great improvement with Amy and she is happier than I have seen her in years.

-Mother of a college student with body issues

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