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Couples Counseling- Marriage Counseling

About 50% of first marriages end in divorce, and the statistics for second marriages are discouraging. Investing time and a conscious effort into your marriage/relationship, or reflecting on what went wrong in couples counseling or marriage counseling may help. You may be unsure which direction your relationship will take, or are unhappy in your current situation. If you feel hopeless that your relationship will proceed in a positive direction, couples counseling or marriage counseling might be a wise investment for your future.


You do not have to come in with your partner in order to work on your marriage. Many people choose to come in individually to address their feelings and relationship issues. Others choose to come in together as a couple for couples counseling or marriage counseling.  Our therapists approach to couples counseling or marriage counseling may involve teaching you more effective ways to communicate, helping you think about things differently, or helping you come up with real-life solutions.


At Sugar Land Counseling Center, our staff also work with people who are currently undergoing divorce. Sometimes, despite your wishes and efforts, a divorce proceeds. This is usually a very difficult time, and support to determine how to approach the future can play a very important role. Going through a divorce can bring about feelings similar to experiencing a death. Grieving the relationship is natural, and it often helps to have a professional to speak with.


Whether you are trying to enhance your marriage or partnership due to stressors within the relationship, or whether you are going through a divorce, the staff at Sugar Land Counseling Center can likely help.     


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