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Expert counseling, psychological assessments, and coaching for a happier, healthier you. Take the first step!

We are group of professionals who are equipped to handle multiple issues based on our diverse backgrounds and expertise.  At Sugar Land Counseling Center, our mission is to understand, enhance, and maintain mental health and wellness in a holistic fashion that is individually tailored to you.  Established in 2006, we are a proven and established group practice in Sugar Land.  Let's start the conversation and begin your journey of self discovery and  improvement.


At Sugar Land Counseling Center we provide counseling to individuals, couples, families, and groups Often, we have same day appointments available, and can generally schedule you within a week with a counselor.  Typically, initial therapy sessions at Sugar Land Counseling Center are scheduled once a week, but can be scheduled more or less frequently based upon your specific needs. Sessions typically last approximately 50-55 minutes, and are available 7 days per week, with evening and weekend availability.  We have a Middle School Girls Expressive Arts group on Tuesdays from 7-8 pm. Please visit our Group Therapy page to learn more about this and our other upcoming groups: Little Kids Handling Big Emotions Sundays from 2-3 pm for ages 8-10, Teen Connection (for high school aged students with Asperger's/ADHD) Fridays from 5-6 pm.    

We also conduct psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for ADHD, autism, learning differences, dementia, personality assessments, psychological testing for medical procedures, and more.  Psychological testing is  available with unusually minimal wait times, and feedback sessions between you and the psychologist regarding your results with comprehensive reports are provided shortly thereafter. 


Whether you would like to speak with a mental health professional or coach, or be evaluated via testing, we can help. Various therapists at Sugar Land Counseling Center accept Aetna, United/UMR, Medicare, BCBS, Optum, Oscar, and Cigna.  Please check the 'provider bio' page to see which therapists accept which insurance, and check the 'services and insurance' page to  learn more about using your insurance.

To book an appointment (please read the rest of this page prior to booking): You can request an appointment by clicking on the orange button at the top of this page. If your request is accepted, you will get an email confirmation of your meeting date and time, along with the electronic paperwork that should be completed prior to your first session.  If your provider accepts your insurance (check the provider bio page) and you plan on paying your insurance rate, your insurance information in your electronic paperwork must be complete and in the client portal by 7 am on the day of your first session. If you do not complete your insurance information as part of your electronic paperwork by this time, you will be billed the full fee of the session rather than your insurance rate, as we will not have any knowledge that you plan to use insurance. If you are not using insurance, or the provider you choose does not accept insurance, the rate per session will be in the paperwork that is sent to you after you request the appointment. 


To schedule formal testing (not therapy) that includes a psychological or a neuropsychological screening or evaluation, choose Dr. Angela Larery as the provider when booking online for an evaluation, and we will call you back to answer questions and provide details.  For more info, please read the 'Psychological Testing' page.  


If you would like to schedule an appointment with your provider in less than 24 hours and see the availability online, please contact us at 832-876-3232, and Sugar Land Counseling Center will try to accommodate your request, although we cannot guarantee this (the client portal will not allow you to book an appointment online with less than 24 hours).  Please note that you cannot cancel an appointment without being charged if you cancel with less than a full 24 hour time period.  All cancellations must be done through the client portal.  If the portal will not allow you to cancel, this is because you are within 24 hours of your appointment.  If you would still like to cancel knowing you will be charged the full fee of the session (non-insurance rate), please contact us so we can inform your provider of the cancellation.  

Please call your insurance to verify that your provider is in-network with your insurance carrier.  You can also ask them what your mental health benefits are to determine what your payment will be.  If you choose a provider who is not in-network with your insurance company or if you do not complete the insurance paperwork by 7 am on the day of your first appointment, your insurance will not be billed and you will be charged the full fee (non-insurance rate).  Please note that "coaching" sessions are not psychotherapy and are not covered by insurance. 

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